Social Media Marketing Made Effective!

Social Media Service Plan Features


Create New/Optimize Existing Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

(Pro, Socialite, Custom)

      - Custom URLs

      - Profile Image

      - Cover Page Image

      - Optimized Account Settings

      - Up-to-date Business Info


Daily Industry Specific Posts

(Pro, Socialite, Custom)

      - About 90 posts monthly

      - Custom Tailored Content (focus on certain topics)

      - Varied Content Types (text, articles, images, etc.)

      - Exclusive Content (1 month before and after)

      - Staggered Account Content (different daily posts)

      - Promotional Content (highlight products/services)


Social Support

(Pro, Socialite, Custom)

      - Email & Phone Support

      - Weekday Support

      - 24-hour Response Time (weekdays)


Monthly Social media ads

(Pro, Socialite)

      - Highlight Products

      - Highlight Services


Targeted social media ads

(Pro, Socialite)

      - Target Specific Locations (zip codes or city)

      - Target Specific Demographics (sex & age)

      - Highlight Social Media Accounts (increase audience)

      - Highlight Products/Services (increase sales)


Monthly Analytic Reports


      - Audience Increase

      - Account Activity

      - Audience Engagement

      - Account Reach


Social Media Coaching


      - How to Respond to Engagement

      - How to Post

      - How to Conduct Events