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Frequently Asked Questions



1)  What does Get U Social provide?

Get U Social provides businesses and organizations an easy and affordable way to establish a professional social media presence and reach potential and current clients with daily industry-specific posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Get U Social also provides quality, modern websites that help businesses connect with customers. 


2)  How long has Get U Social been providing social media marketing and website services?

Get U Social has been helping small businesses for over 4 years with social media marketing services and 2 years with website development services.


3)  What is the length of the term of service?

Our service's term is month-to-month. There is NO LONG-TERM commitment because we believe our service will keep our clients happy.


4)  What industries does Get U Social service?

Get U Social services any industry that wants to get social. Get U Social's current and past clients include, but is not limited to, animal hospitals, dentists, restaurants, automotive, marketing firms, retirement homes, cafes, non-profit organizations, law firms, pet stores, and more. Get U Social is confident it can help any business or organization get social.


Getting Started

5)  What happens after I subscribe to a Get U Social Social Media plan?

After clicking "Subscribe Now" on your preferred plan, you will be prompted to enter your contact information. Next, you'll be prompted to enter your credit card payment information. Then, you will be asked to complete a New Client Form. After completing the New Client Form, Get U Social will contact you within 48 hours.{C}{C}


6)  What if I don't already have a Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account?

Get U Social will create a new Facebook Page, Twitter, and/or Google+ Page if you do not have an existing one. If you do have an existing account, Get U Social will optimize that account to maximize its effectiveness.


7)  Who owns the new social media network accounts created by Get U Social?

Any Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, or BufferApp account that Get U Social creates for its clients is owned by the client. If the client decides to discontinue their subscription, Get U Social will ensure that ownership of these accounts remains with the client. 


8)  How does Get U Social access my social media accounts to provide its service?

Our clients assign Get U Social’s manager accounts as an administrator of their Facebook Page, manager of their Google+ Page, and provide their Twitter password. Get U Social does NOT require access to our clients’ personal social media accounts. 



9)  What type of content does Get U Social post for its clients?

Get U Social posts content that is engaging and relevant to the client's industry. The content can vary between images, articles, videos, and text. Get U Social's content also highlights the client's products and services.


10)  Will Get U Social post content that its clients request or recommend?

Get U Social encourages clients to make content requests and provide examples of content that they would like posted on their accounts. 


11)  Are there examples of the type of content that Get U Social posts for its clients?

The following links provide example content that Get U Social provides to clients in their respective industries. Click on the industry name to see the examples.

Dentist                    Veterinary                    Car Dealerships                    Restaurants/Cafes



12)  What does Get U Social's social support entail?

Get U Social will provide its clients responsive support on all things social media related. Get U Social helps its clients by troubleshooting issues with accounts, providing account information, executing requested account changes, offering explanations of how social media works, and supplying resources on topics, among other forms of assistance. 


13)  How does Get U Social deliver its social support?

Get U Social delivers its social support through phone and email communications.


14)  How quickly does Get U Social respond to a client's social support request?

Get U Social responds to client's social media request within 24 hours for requests made during the weekday and within 72 hours for requests made during the weekend.


Facebook Ads

15)  What type of Facebook Ads are included in the Pro plan and Socialite plan?

Get U Social's Pro plan and Socialite plan include a dedicated budget for Facebook Page Like Ads, which increase the audience of the Facebook Page, and Facebook Post Boost Ads, which stimulate exposure, awareness, and purchases of your products and/or services.


16)  Can the Facebook Ads budget included in the Pro plan and Socialite plan be increased?

Yes. Get U Social encourages clients to invest their available budgets in Facebook Ads, as they guarantee the client an increased reach of their brand and services/products in their local and targeted areas.


Partners Program

17)  Does Get U Social work with marketers, agencies, and firms to provide their clients with its services?

Yes. Get U Social works with strategic partners to provide its services to their clients in a manner that suitable to their unique business models. 


18)  Does Get U Social white-label its services and allow marketers, agencies and firms to brand the services?

Yes. Get U Social allows its strategic partners to white-label its services and rebrand them for their clients as they deem suitable.