Decline of Facebook Page’s Organic Reach

Facebook is one of the largest companies and social media platforms out there today. They are a business and just like any organization they are looking even to increase their bottom line. Most recently they made a move to do that via cutting organic reach for Facebook Pages, which are what businesses use to connect with their customers on Facebook.

What is Organic Reach?

Organic reach refers to how many people you can reach for free on Facebook by posting to your business page. A decreased organic reach greatly impacts businesses using Facebook to promote their brand/organization. Businesses will now find it very difficult to engage existing and potential customers via unsponsored posts. This new reality makes it essential for businesses looking to leverage social media’s unrivaled reach to allocate a portion of their marketing budgets in Facebook Ads.

Why is this Happening?

As Facebook as grown and gone mobile it is easier for people and Pages to post to the site. This has dramatically increased the content on Facebook. It has also increased the amount of friends and Pages a user in connected to and receiving content from. Each user has only so much room in their newsfeed and will only read so much material. Thus Page’s posts now finding it much harder to make their way into user’s news feed.

According to multiple online sources, Facebook is claiming this isn’t about making money. However, Facebook stands to make a great deal of money from this. Think about it, if businesses are forced to pay for a certain level for online reach that they once got for free then Facebook’s bottom line will increase.

The Facts

Whatever the reason, the fact is Facebook Page’s posts reached 16% of fan’s organically in October 2013. Organic reach for Page's then plummeted to just 6% in February 2014. This trend is expected to continue, bringing Page’s organic reach a paltry 1% to 2% in the future

Your Response

The obvious way for businesses to counteract Facebook page’s decline in organic reach is to invest in Facebook Ads, which provide great tools to target specific demographics and measure campaign’s effectiveness. Businesses should highly consider investing at least $100 per month in different ad campaigns which can not only increase the organic reach of Page content, but can also increase website visits, Page Likes (fans), and more. Businesses should also encourage their existing customers to engage with their Facebook content by simply telling them to do so, incorporating contests that require engagement with Facebook content, and providing valuable content like coupons and product news. While it has become more difficult for businesses, Facebook remains an unparalleled tool to reach and engage existing and potential customers that businesses should be sure to leverage.

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Jorge Salazar, Esq.

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