Hashtags Make a Difference in Small Business Marketing

Social networking sites serve as great marketing tools for small businesses. Within the world of social media, the use of hashtags has developed. If you’re unfamiliar with hashtagging or its marketing benefits, keep on reading.

What is Hashtagging?

Hashtags are used by nearly all social media sites; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube. The hashtag character (#), essentially serves as a filter for posts, photos, and videos. What this does is group all of the posts with similar hashtags. This provides users with the ability to view all posts with similar hashtags. For example you own a breakfast cafe business in Atlanta. If you post a breakfast panini, you may use the following hashtags; #panini, #breakfast and #atlanta. This provides a filter to the post so that it will be viewed not only by your followers, but also by a specified group of users, those who are searching for breakfast or those looking at posts in Atlanta.

What are the Benefits of Hashtagging?

Hashtagging provides many marketing benefits. As mentioned above it provides businesses with the opportunity to reach a specified group of potential consumers; those who are searching the keywords in the hashtag. Hashtagging also encourages conversation on social media. Users are more likely to share/repost a post with a hashtag. Hashtags make monitoring promotional activity easier. Hashtags can be made to be incredibly creative and catchy. This is useful in gaining attention, shares and reposts.

Adding the business’ location as a hashtag can be very effective. Many users search their city’s hashtag just to see what is going on around them. This provides a great opportunity to reach locals that may be interested in your product or services.

How My Business Can Use Hashtags?

An easy way to start hashtagging is simply to add the business’ city to your posts. As mentioned above, this provides increased visibility in a targeted, local population. As you get more comfortable using hashtags, start to get creative. Consider what your targeted user population would be searching for, and use those keywords as a hashtags.

Promotions offer a great way to start breaking into the hashtag world. Recent surveys have found that 51% of individuals surveyed would share hashtags if they knew advertisers awarded discounts for hashtag sharing.


Hashtags are a great, easy way to gain more attention for your business. They are easy to use and add to a social media post. They add more punch to the post and increase your business’ exposure. If you’re not already using hashtags, it’s time to start. #hashtagtime

Stay social!

Jorge Salazar, Esq.

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