The Power of Facebook Marketing

If you spend any time interacting with entertainment media; the web, television and even the radio you understand the profound impact that social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have on today’s culture. They are EVERYWHERE. Every website encourages you to “share” on Facebook, radio shows request that you Like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter and even television shows boast their own Facebook Pages. Social media is everywhere and plays an enormous role in today’s culture. Using social media to advertise is essential in today’s marketplace.

Why Should I Use Facebook in my Marketing Plan?

Facebook is the most highly used social networking site. Nearly everyone you know has a Facebook account. It serves as source of social networking, news, entertainment, and even a source for online shopping. Given this, Facebook is the perfect site to reach a large audience to market your small business.

Facebook ads for small business have proven to be surprisingly successful. Reports indicates that these ads expand the reach of small business marketing by 6x! Facebook: Small Business Success Stories provides tons of positive experiences that real, small businesses have had by using Facebook ads for marketing. These ads work by helping businesses reach the right audience while sending the right message. While Facebook ads themselves are not free, they are very affordable when compared to your business’s traditional advertising options.

Facebook Marketing is Powerful

Facebook ads are proving to be wildly successful, helping tons of small business around the country meet their marketing goals. This is in large part because of Facebook ads’ extensive targeting options. Facebook enables business owners to target their ads to very specific demographics. Their demographic options include sex, age, location (state, city or zip codes), interests, online spending habits, and more. Facebook even allows for businesses to target visitors of their website, who have already displayed an interest in the business by visiting their website. These options allow businesses to launch ad campaigns with different purposes and goals at various types of defined audiences.

Additionally, Facebook marketing offers superior reporting of its ads performance analytics. Ad campaigns can be measured by reach, impressions, clicks, Likes, comments, shares, and more. Furthermore, an ad campaign’s analytics can be viewed with respect to which type of device (computer or mobile device) the ad was delivered. All the ads data the Facebook allows business’s to not only measure the effectiveness of an ad, but also when and why an ad is effective or ineffective.

In short, Facebook marketing provides small business owners an unrivaled opportunity to market affordable ads to targeted audiences with detailed reporting. Today’s small business owner must take advantage of Facebook marketing to grow their business.

Stay Social!

Jorge Salazar, Esq.