Instagram for Small Business

Social networking is a huge element of communication in today’s culture. With an increased use of mobile devices, social networking has grown profoundly and these sites are accessed by billions of people world-wide. Given the wide reach and frequent access, social networking can be a great marketing source for small businesses.

Instagram is a very unique social networking site. It is primarily application based, meaning that most users access it from their smartphone or tablet. A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, pictures are what Instagram is based on. Instagram allows users the opportunity to take, edit and share photos and videos with followers. Users then add text and hashtags (#) with a short phrase or word describing the photo. The hashtag is used when other users search specific topics. For example; you take a photo of a sunset in Malibu and post it with the following: #malibu #sunset. Then, any user can find this photo by browsing photos when performing a search of malibu or sunset.

So, why is Instagram valuable for a small business? First off, it is free. Instagram, like many other social networking sites, is free to join. It is very user friendly and offers a great opportunity to share photos and videos that will capture the attention of your current and potential customers. Instagram offers the unique opportunity to share different elements of your business that will spark the interest of consumers. For example, posting photos or videos of how a product is made. This is really interesting content that can grab people’s attention.

Instagram can help businesses create a brand. By using images and hashtags, businesses are able to connect their image with their product or service. This promotes brand development and later brand recognition. In addition, using hashtags and key words can drive more traffic to your photos which can lead to more followers interested in your content. Instagram can also be used to make your business more personable. It puts a face to the name and automatically makes a connection for your consumers. This connection is extremely valuable in relationship building with your consumers.

When a user posts to Instagram, they are also prompted to share the post with Facebook or Twitter. If your business has Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter- one Instagram post will be sent to all three sites, if you choose.

Instagram is a valuable social media site for small businesses. It is free, very user friendly and offers a wide reach as millions of people are accessing it daily, and even multiple times a day. In addition, Instagram posts are also able to be posted to other social media sites, meaning that you’re getting 3 social media posts for the time it takes you to do one! Instagram represents a great social networking tool to market your business and services.

Stay social!

Jorge Salazar, Esq.

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