Google+ For Businesses

What is Google+

Everyone and their grandmother has heard of Google, the most frequently used search engine available. But, what is this “Google+” about? Google+ is Google’s most recent attempt at taking over the web world. Google+ is a social network based on your Google account. When you first get started it seems very similar to Facebook and Twitter but as users get more involved they will notice the Google+ difference. It provides users with the ability to connect with people based on their interests, entertainment and sports preferences as well as news. Google+ users don’t need to have “friends”, they can connect with circles of complete strangers who share their same interests.

Google+ was developed about three years ago and has grown more quickly that most of the current social media leaders. It features circles and communities of various topics that users can join and connect with others. For instance, the Android Community is a pretty popular one. Google+ is the perfect social networking site for people who are looking to connect with others who are passionate about the same topics.

Google+ and Business

Like Facebook, businesses are able to host their own “page”. The Google+ business page is also FREE! It gives businesses the opportunity to connect with customers in any number of ways; if they are searching your business on Google, Maps, or Google+. Google+ businesses show up across Google, feature accurate information on initial Google search and offer business reviews through their Google+ page.

Google is the most frequently used search engine on the web. And, 97% of consumers search online for local businesses. Your Google+ page helps to increase the chances that your consumers will find you and find your accurate contact information. Google+ users are able to feature their hours of operation, address and phone number. Consumers are then able to load the address in Maps or simply click to call the phone number. Contacting you is SIMPLE, which is what you want!

Google+ helps you connect and communicate with your consumers. Consumers are able to leave reviews and ratings on your page. Consumers are also given the opportunity to share your page, endorse your content and share your posts across the web.

Additionally, by posting engaging content on their Google+ page, businesses can increase their all-important Google search ranking. For this reason alone, every business should not only have a Google+ page, but also post engaging content to it frequently.

Google+ use has grown remarkably in his 3 short years of life. It will continue to grow and Google will likely remain the most frequently used search engine. If your business does not already have a Google+ account, the time is now. Google+ is essential in ensuring your business remains a presence on the web.

Stay social!

Jorge Salazar, Esq.