Value of Twitter for Small Businesses

The prevalence of social networking sites in today’s culture is no secret. “Like my page on Facebook” and “Follow me on Twitter” are everywhere from television shows, to radio shows and businesses. Social networking is a key component of communication in today’s world. Given this, there is huge opportunity for small businesses to use social networking sites to their benefit.

Twitter is the social networking site that has coined the term “tweets”. Tweets are 140 character or less messages posted to the site that registered users can read and repost, known as “retweeting.” In 2013, Twitter represented one of the top ten most visited websites with 200 million users that send over 400 million tweets daily.

Twitter is a highly active social networking site with millions of users, and potential consumers, accessing it daily. What does this mean? Twitter can be a really great resource for small businesses by enhancing communication with your customers by supporting the engagement of authentic conversation. Twitter offers businesses the opportunity to connect and converse with customers, building brand awareness and relationships with consumers.

Using Twitter is a great way for small businesses to promote their brand and drive word of mouth. With a little patience, it is easy to learn tweet and retweet. When you sign up for Twitter as a small business, the site helps to teach you how Twitter works and how to engage your target population by tweeting sharable information. Twitter will help you grow your “fan base” by teaching you how to work with partners as well as advertise your username in other marketing channels. This will increase the amount of retweets your message gets, which increases the amount of people that will see it.

Twitter offers marketing analytics which can help businesses see how well they are reaching their target audience. Analytics provide information about how to connect with the right people and how to gain the most successful promotional tactics.

Twitter ads (paid advertisements) are another method of marketing with Twitter. There are many ad products available to achieve the marketing goal you have set forth and there are ads to meet many different budgets. Analytics are also available to track the behavior of your consumers to help maximize your efforts.

Twitter serves as a great resource for small businesses looking to expand their marketing strategy to include social networking sites. As an extremely popular site, Twitter can help small businesses connect with and build a relationship with a targeted audience. This promotes brand awareness and better consumer interactions. Twitter is a very valuable tool for small businesses and if your business is not already using it, the time is now.

Stay social!

Jorge Salazar, Esq.