Digital Marketing Made Professional!

The Story

In the Spring of 2012, two business partners who helped small businesses for a living were presented with a challenge. Several small business owners recognized the power of social media and the positive impact it could have on their businesses. However, they were at a loss of how to take advantage of social media's potential. The business partners, both avid social media users, knew that a fundamental key to social media success was the frequent posting of engaging and relevant content. They also knew that small business owners' limited resources did not allow them to invest the time of their already lean team of employees or afford an expensive addition to their marketing budget. The business partners sought out to find a way they could help these forward thinking small business owners get social. After many restless nights of brainstorming potential solutions they had a breakthrough, they figured out a way to provide any small business imaginable with daily social media posts of engaging, industry specific content. Get U Social was born.

Get U Social (GUS) now helps a wide range of small businesses, which include animal hospitals, dentists, retirement homes, real estate appraisers, restaurants, and more. GUS continues to provide value to clients through daily posts of engaging, industry specific content, its original core service. GUS also now offers clients professional, modern websites.